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Jan 20, 2010

What are some best practices for indicating breadcrumbs? (Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Bauer from Hamburg, Germany asks: "Google is showing breadcrumb URLs in SERPS now. Does the kind of delimiter matter? Is there any best practice? what character to use best?"

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp

What's New in Firefox 3.6 Video - Firefox Channel

Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox Development, gives an overview of what's new in Firefox 3.6. Download Firefox 3.6, for free, at

Source: firefoxchannel

State of the Index 2009 (Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Matt Cutts talks about what Google has done for users, web developers, and webmasters in 2009.

See the slides here:

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp

Dec 18, 2009

YouTube Direct: Getting Started Guide, Video - Best of Google products and services GoogleDevelopers

Jeff Posnick narrates a screencast detailing all aspects of getting started with YouTube Direct, from required downloads to configuration to deployment.

For even more information about YouTube Direct, see

Source: GoogleDevelopers channel

Dec 16, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions: Launch Event, part 1 video -

Video Footage from the Google Chrome Extensions launch event on 12/09/09.
In this part, Brian Rakowski, product management director, provides an update on Google Chrome and explains why extensions are important for the Google Chrome team.

Source: GoogleDevelopers channel