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Jun 20, 2009

Cluster Tabs -make your browser faster and share public & anonymous cluster tab web addresses with others. Help make search better

"This could be the first accidental step forward for the web since page-rank."

We teh people say that search engines have done a pretty good job overall.

We thank the hidden alchemy of search algorithms for getting the interwebs through the final few years of the 20th century into this 21st century post-bubble era.

We praise the cobbled together server farms of Google that brought forth the power of page-rank and other clever things. For it is true indeed that without 'the machine' we would not be where we are today with 52,700,000 search results for the word voila*

Humans helped

And so it was that humans came forth and clustered the web into better shape by nothing more strenuous than improved tabbed browsing, sharing things and generally looking clever.
& search moved forward

ClusterURLs get indexed by search engines for others to discover. ClusterURLs get linked from blogs, short messaging services like twitter or friendfiend and social networks like Facebook. Suddenly humans are discovering more stuff without searching for it! Hmmm.

Cluster Tab Add-on for our favorite browser.

Merge many tabs into a Cluster Tab based around context that makes sense to you.

Anytime you make or improve a Cluster Tab, a clusterURL is automagically created & hey presto you're already making the web better! Add a title and description and you'll really be a good citizen

Moreover, you'll get the added benefit of tidying up your tabs! No more 20+ open in your browser, instead they will be cozy within contextually relevant Cluster Tabs for you to use whenever you want.

It doesn't feel like tidying (yuck) or even bookmarking, it feels like smashing tabs together and mashing up the web into clusters to seamlessly share with others. There's nothing to do, it's just tabbed browsing baby!

Drat, not on your own computer with that ClusterURL bookmarked handy? No worries. Use any search engine to find your cluster using words you used in the title or description (ahem, you added them right?) and voila** you've got it!

Download Cluster Tabs Now!

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