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Nov 27, 2009

Google Announces Automatic Captions on YouTube (Video) - You Tube Tools

In Washington, DC, Google announced the preliminary roll-out of automatic captioning in YouTube, an innovation that takes advantage of our speech recognition technology to turn the spoken word into text captions. We also announced that if you have a transcript of your video, you can upload it to YouTube and we'll time the captions for you.

Over 60 accessibility leaders from the National Association of the Deaf, Gallaudet University, AAPD and other organizations joined us to be the first to learn about these new features.

Read more about the announcement:

Source: Google Channel

Which search feature would you add to Google? (Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

PaddyMoogan from the UK asks: "If you could improve one thing or add a feature to Google search right now, what would it be?"

Source: Google Webmaster Central GoogleWebmasterHelp's Channel

Music search feature launch highlights (Video) - Best of Google products and services - Google Search

Highlights from our recent music search feature launch event.

Source: Google Channel

Nov 26, 2009

Graph from Adify should give you a good idea, The Average CPM Rates Across Different Verticals

If you are curious to know the average CPM rates for online advertising across verticals, this graph from Adify should give you a good idea.

CPM trends across verticals

Online Advertising - CPM Rate Chart

Except Food, Entertainment and Real Estate, the CPM rates for display ads have declined across industries in the last three quarters which is quite good news for online advertisers but not so good news for web publishers and bloggers.

For some unknown reason, this Adify Report excludes the Technology sector which also commands high CPM rates (the CPM rates for tech industry were around $15 inQ2 2009).

CPM = cost per thousand ad impressions.


Nov 24, 2009

How to Send Mass Emails Using Gmail? Don’t Get Locked - Best of Google products and services - Gmail

The holiday season is near and you want to send personalized email greetings to all your friends, family members and customers using the standard Gmail (or Google Apps with Gmail) service.

How to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail

Since the web interface of Gmail doesn’t support personalized emails, you should connect your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook (via POP3 or IMAP) and also import the Gmail address book into your Outlook Contacts.

Now you can use the mail merge feature of Outlook to send personalized messages to every single Gmail contact from the desktop.

This may sound like an easy plan but there’re strict sending limits and, if you aren’t careful, Google may even block your Gmail account temporarily for up to 24 hours and you’ll neither be able to send nor receive any emails during that lock-out period.

Email Sending Limits in Google Apps

If you are using Gmail with Google Apps, you cannot send messages to more than 500 unique email addresses per day.

For instance, if you send one email to Person A and another one is addressed to Person B and C, you have already exhausted three slots (out of 500) even though only two messages left your Inbox.

Email Sending Limits for Gmail users

If you want to send bulk mails using a regular Gmail account, the rules are similar.

You can only send out emails to a maximum of 500 recipients during a 24 hour* period but if you are using a desktop client (like Outlook), that limit is reduced to 100 messages in a day.

[*] The Gmail help site mentions this limit as 500 recipients per message but a Google employee on the Gmail support site has confirmed that this cap is not just per message but per day.

Workarounds for sending mass emails

With all these limitations in place, Gmail is obviously not the best option for reaching out to a very large customer base. However, if you have no other option, it may be a good idea to plan well in advance.

For Gmail: Distribute the mail merge process over 2-3 days so that you never exceed that 100 messages per day quota.

For Google Apps: You can either upgrade to a Premier edition or create multiple accounts in Google Apps as each will have its own 500-recipients limit.

Nov 23, 2009

Learn how to video chat in orkut, Video - Best of Google products and services - Orkut

Watch this video to learn how to talk face-to-face with your friends using video chat inside orkut. All you need is a webcam and a small plugin - free at

Source: Google Channel

How can I remove old content from Google's index?, Video - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Sebastian from Germany asks: "We still have old content in the index. We block them via robots.txt, use 404 and delete them via Webmaster Tools, but Google keeps it. What can we do to quickly delete content from the index?

Source: Google Webmaster Central

Nov 20, 2009

Google & Food Network Celebrate Thanksgiving, Video

Marissa Mayer and Food Network's Alton Brown celebrate Thanksgiving with new themes and gadgets for iGoogle.

Source: Google Channel

Google Chrome OS Open Source Project Announcement, Video

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security.

Source: Google Channel

Nov 19, 2009

Automatic Captions in YouTube Demo, Video - Best from You Tube Channel

Watch this short demo to learn about machine-generated captions in YouTube and automatic timing for manually created caption tracks.
(As you can see ASR is still a work in progress - but we have manually fixed captions,too)

Source: Google Channel

Can moving my website to "the cloud" harm my listings?, Video - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Michael S from Dornbirn, Austria asks:

"Can moving my website to "the cloud" harm my listings? Say my server's in Germany and I move the website to Google's App Engine or Amazon S3. Does this harm my listings for German results - or is it enough to set the "geographic target" in GWT to Germany?"

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp's Channel

Nov 18, 2009

YouTube Direct Screencast, Video - GoogleDevelopers Channel

An overview of the YouTube Direct Platform. The platform enables you to solicit user generated videos, moderate video submissions and display them on your site. Visit for more details.

Source: GoogleDevelopers Channel

Google Search Tips, Video - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google, provides tips for searching.

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp's Channel

Nov 17, 2009

Google's YouTube Channels (Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Matt Cutts shows some of Google's YouTube channels, some of the "hidden gems" of Google.

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel

Text Translation on Google Translate (Video) - YouTube Google Channel

Google Translate is a tool that allows you to translate text, documents and webpages between over 50 languages. Here Josh Estelle, software engineer on the team, gives a quick demo of the new features for text translation. Try it now at

Source: Google Channel

Why would an FAQ page rank above a site's homepage? (Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Alex asks:

"Sometimes, when you search for a company or so, you won't get the main page as a search result. For example, you search for *example-company-name* and get their FAQ page listed first. How does that happen and how can we avoid it on our own websites?"

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel

Nov 15, 2009

Working @ Youtube: We're hiring!, video by youtube channel

This video offers a peek into what it's like to work for YouTube. If you have want to have fun working on innovative web applications and you have a love for online video, visit our jobs page at and apply today.

Source: YouTube Channel

Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age, Day 1 video - brought together 200 of the nations top thought leaders in science and technology

Forty years after the "War on Poverty" and twenty-five years after "A Nation at Risk," a new forum has been designed to advance a new paradigm for learning by harnessing the largely untapped potential of digital media. Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age brought together 200 of the nations top thought leaders in science and technology, informal and formal education, entertainment media, research, philanthropy, and policy to create and act upon a breakthrough strategy for scaling-up effective models of teaching and learning for children.

Check out our opening night including a welcome speech from Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, opening remarks by Martha Kanter, Under Secretary of the US Dept of Ed, and a fiesty panel discussion featuring Linda Darling Hammond, Joel Klein, Mitch Kapor, Jonathan Miller and Ram Sriram.

And don't miss the final event, our keynote speech by Geoff Canada, CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone

For more about the event, please go to:

Source: Google Channel

Nov 14, 2009

Meet Firefox for Mobile (Video) - Firefox Channel

Meet some of the members of the Mobile Team as they give you a quick tour of the user interface and features of Firefox for mobile devices, including the Awesome Bar, Weave Sync, add-ons and tabbed browsing, to name a few.

Source: firefoxchannel channel

How to Track Your RSS Feed Clicks with Google Analytics - Technology News

Would you like to know how may people are visiting your site via RSS feeds?

If you are using FeedBurner to syndicate the RSS feeds of your blog, you can now easily track all the incoming traffic from feed clicks through Google Analytics.

Just open your FeedBurner dashboard, click the title of your RSS feed and choose "Configure Stats" under the Analyze Tab. Tick the options that say "Item views", "Item click" and "Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics" and save.

Read Full Story at

Track Your RSS Feed Clicks with Google Analytics from Digital Inspiration.

Nov 12, 2009

Snippets and Titles - A Video by Google Webmaster Channel

Matt Cutts explains how Google generates snippets and titles in search results.

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel

Free Holiday WiFi from Google -

Happy Holidays from Google! The WiFi's on Us. Free WiFi on all Virgin America flights through January 15, 2010. Learn more at

Source: Google Channel

The Go Programming Language Promo - Video by Google Channel

A short promotional video about the Go Programming Language presented by Russ Cox.

For a more detailed video about Go, please see:

For more on Go including FAQs, source code, libraries, and tutorials, please see the Go home page:

Source: GoogleDevelopers Channel

Celebrate Five Years of Firefox - Video by Firefox Channel

Celebrate Five Years of Firefox -

Source: firefoxchannel channel

Locking SafeSearch - Videos : Google Utilities and Tips

Google's SafeSearch lock allows users to password-protect their Strict Filter setting preference.

Source: Google Channel

Nov 6, 2009

Should I expect increased traffic if I optimize my images? (Google Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Liam from Ireland asks:

"How does Image Search traffic compare to Web Search traffic? On a busy site with badly named images, should I expect an increase in traffic if I give all images descriptive names?"

Source :

Nov 5, 2009

Local Business Center - Verify Your Listing (Google Video) - you'll have to verify it before it appears in Google Maps

Go to Local Business Center: | Once you submit a new business listing, you'll have to verify it before it appears in Google Maps. This video tells you how to verify your listing by phone call or postcard.

Source : Google Channel

Can I use "nofollow" in JavaScript? (Google Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Felipe from Córdoba, Argentina asks:

"What's the nofollow equivalent for JavaScript links/redirections (now that you follow those too)?"

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel

Nov 4, 2009

Google Friend Connect Overview, a google developers video

This video gives a quick glimpse into some of the features of Google Friend Connect.

Website owners can get started with Friend Connect at

Source: GoogleDevelopers Channel

Nov 3, 2009

Gmail Labs, Google video - Matt Cutts, a power Gmail user and a Google engineer shows which features of Gmail Labs he has enabled in his account

Gmail Labs, Google video - Matt Cutts, a power Gmail user and a Google engineer shows which features of Gmail Labs he has enabled in his account.

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel

Nov 2, 2009

Can a few non-safe words prevent my site from appearing in Safe-search results? (Google Video) - Google Webmaster Tool Tips and Tricks

Philipp Lenssen from Germany asks:

"If you run a family friendly site which however every now and then mentions an adult word (e.g. because the word is ambiguous or just happens to be about sex education etc.), do you risk getting kicked out of the Google SafeSearch results zone?"

Source: GoogleWebmasterHelp's Channel

Google Mobile App - search by voice on Nokia S60 smartphones (Google Video) - A demonstration of search by voice on Nokia S60 smartphones

Google Mobile App - search by voice on Nokia S60 smartphones (Google Video) - A demonstration of search by voice on Nokia S60 smartphones

Source: Google Channel

Secretary Chu visits Googleplex (Google Video), Energy Secretary Steve Chu visits the Googleplex - Best From Google

Energy Secretary Steve Chu visits the Googleplex to talk about how the U.S. can build a prosperous economy powered by clean energy.

Source: Google channel