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Jul 15, 2009

365 AdSolutions Affiliate Network is dedicated to delivering the industry's highest eCPMs for your website traffic.

365 Ad Solutions is dedicated to delivering the industry's highest eCPMs for your website traffic. We utilize our innovative technology, premium advertisers and expert experience to deliver the highest possible earnings to our publishers.

Our unique advertiser to publisher matching technology will only show advertisements relevant to your users, ones that they are specifically interested in! We do this through various targeting methodologies and self optimization.

We have advertisers from every industry, so regardless of the type of website you have, we can monetize it.
Whether your preferred monetization method is on a CPM, CPC, CPA or fully managed Revenue Share we will continually work with you to maximize your eCPM ensuring your profits increase over time.

Our team is comprised of industry experts who are dedicated to making the highest possible return for your site. You will be assigned an expert who will consult you on the best way to monetize your site. Our advertising service is fully managed and hands off for you allowing you to focus your resources on improving the content and sending traffic to your site.
Benefits of being a publisher in the 365Ad Solutions network:

* Proven higher eCPMs
* We work direct with Advertisers to pass the highest return to you!
* Exclusive Campaigns
* We can fully optimize your International traffic!
* Industry Experts assigned to manage your account
* No unsold inventory
* No Risk! If we don't reach a certain eCPM we can default the impression to an ad of your choice.
* Transparency and Significance: We provide top tier advertisers that are relevant to your users. Publishers have the ability to have full control of which advertisers and creatives are shown on the site(s).

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