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Jul 20, 2009

Bloosky Affiliate Marketing Network :is an interactive advertising agency focused on high performance campaigns (CPL Type)

Bloosky is an exclusive publisher network as well as third party publisher network. With an ample selection of exclusive, unique, direct, and in-house offers, we can provide our publishers with an almost instant revenue stream that is unmatched.

Our industry-best testing regimen ensures that each offer is tested extensively for maximum response rate. Our tracking system allows you to monitor detailed activity for each offer so you can continuously make performance enhancements throughout the duration of the campaign. Our team is available to you 24-hours a day with experienced input and quality service.

We have offices located in California, Utah and New York. Bloosky offers list management services and as well as call center solutions for advertisers and list owners.

Campaigns in network:5000
Commission type:CPL
Payment method:Check
Payment threshold:$50
Payment frequency:Monthly
Affiliate tracking software:In-House (Blooads)
Cookie tracking:2
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:Yes
Product datafeed:Yes

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