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Jul 24, 2009

Clickmount Inc Affiliate Marketing Network: Show relevant ads in your web pages you can earn 80% of the click value (cpl,cpmand cps type)

Show relavent ads in your web pages with Clickmount Inc. Publishers are our advertising partners who can register with us and show Clickmount Inc advertisers' ads in their website. You can earn 80% of the click value for each clicks from your site.

we are the indias and sigapore modern affiliate network company ,our company launching on jan 2008,you expect something better than other network from us,so let us change the world,we have various service to promote through our network,we are paying best out in this industry,also we have option for click,leads and sales.

Base commission:20%
Two-tier earnings:yes
Commission type:cpl,cpmand cps
Payment method:cheque and paypal
Payment threshold:25$
Payment frequency:monthly
Affiliate tracking software:yes
Cookie tracking:yes
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Lifetime Commissions:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:Yes
International acceptance:Yes
Product datafeed:Yes

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