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Jul 24, 2009

Top 30 Technology Videos (Podcasts) Websites where you can download and share video for free

CNET Loaded – Natali Del Conte discusses the top technology news of the day in this daily video show.

Mobuzz TV - Some people call this the Rocketboom of Europe. This daily video podcast is both funny and interesting.

Tekzilla – Veronica Belmont shares useful tips on tweaking software. Patrick Norton joins on weekends.

Channel 10 – Podcast about Microsoft software plus sneak previews of upcoming technologies like the Surface table.

Chris Pirillo – For computer novices who need help on software and other tech advice. Chris Pirillo records this live.

G4 Tech News – This weekly tech news countdown with Alison Haislip covers all the news about tech and gadgets from the previous week.

Mahalo Daily – It’s more than just tech – delivered weekdays.

Attack of the Show – Another G4 comedy video show about tech news, video games, viral videos and other odd stuff on the Internet.

WebbAlert – Morgan Webb covers news from the tech and gaming industry in this daily video podcast.

Oddly Enough - From Reuters - a weekly wrap up of odd and offbeat stories from around the world.

CNET Insider Secrets – Full of how-to tips and tricks from extending your notebook battery life to hacking an Apple TV.

Cranky Geeks – John C. Dvorak and his team discuss the most controversial topics in tech. This 30 minute podcast is released every Wednesday.

Walt Mossberg – Personal Tech Columnist for Wall Street Journal reviews consumer technology products including software.

Ahead of the Curve – Weekly tech podcast from ABC News the covers everything from new video games to productivity tips to new software releases

Workfast TV – Robert Scoble discusses tools that help you become more productive. This half-hour show is aired weekly.

Scobleizer TV – This is more on the PodTech format where Scoble discusses startups, tech news and also interviews CEOs.

Talking Tech - Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham of USA Today cover software, gadgets and interviews.

David Pogue – The New York Times’ personal technology columnist takes you on a tour of something new in tech every week in his classic style.

Show and Tell – Brought to you by CNN, this infrequent video podcast is more about new developments in Science.

Howcast Tech – Weekly tech podcast featuring tips to get most out of you gadgets and Do It Yourself projects.

BoingBoing TV – This podcast from the "directory of wonderful things" is about tech culture, science, art and activism.

Ad Age – This five minute video podcast from Advertising Age covers events and personalities from the advertising and marketing world.

Around the Net – Know what’s hot in the world of viral video on the web. May sometimes cover adult videos so be careful.

CommandN TV – An interesting tech news show with Amber MacArthur produced from Canada. Weekly.

Wallstrip – Wallstrip podcast is more about stocks but they frequently discuss tech companies as well. It’s a part of CBS News.

PCWorld Video Podcasts – Focused on gadget reviews, new product launches, how-to tutorials and technology buying guides.

Beet TV – Andy Plesser features exclusive interviews with tech executives and frequently breaks news.

Epic Fu – This weekly podcast is about art, tech and internet culture. Zadi Diaz has something unique in every episode.

WebPro News – News from the search industry, conferences and interviews with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts.

GeekBrief TV – One of the longest running video podcast on the web with host Cali Lewis. It’s all about gadgets and tech toys.