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Jul 27, 2009

CPA Bullet Affiliate Marketing Network: A premier network with free affiliate training and equipment to help you succeed!

Let's face it. Affiliates, publishers, advertisers and networks have heard it all.

The thing is, most CPA companies offer about the same deals, with the same terms and the same expected results.

Not CPA Bullet.

We offer cutting edge innovations, virtually unheard of in the industry before we came along.

Yeah? Like what?

Let's start with CPA Bullet kiosks, where our allies can lease and set up one or more kiosks in high traffic areas like shopping malls. Curious customers are easily enticed to sign up for offers in person, on the spot, in a fun and easy way.

Consumers always seek the latest innovations in technology. While pop-ups and e-mails offers still draw attention, kiosks help maximize potential for reaching new contacts.

From insurance offers to music, movies, ring tones, restaurants, clothing discounts and more, people visit a mall to shop. Why not make their shopping more rewarding by allowing them to get in on some great online offers?

Sure, other CPA Networks may one day offer kiosk technology, just like Mr. Pibb tried to compete with the winning formula of Dr. Pepper. But why wait for the other networks to catch up when CPA Bullet offers kiosks technology today?

CPA Bullet offers the training and support our allies need to make the kiosks easy to use for maximum results. It's innovative, it's affordable and it puts your firm ahead of the competition.

Campaigns in network:100+
Payment method:Paypal, Check
Payment threshold:$25
Payment frequency:Net 15

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