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Aug 7, 2009

Express Revenue Affiliate Marketing Network : based on the ideals of dedication, integrity, security, diversification, and customer support

Here at Express Revenue, we pledge to our affiliates exactly what is explicitly stated in our name. Through the integration of a very user friendly and navigable website, always available customer support, and a unique All-In-One approach, Express Revenue makes it possible for your marketing business to gain higher amounts of revenue and more quality leads than what you could have previously imagined! By teaming with us as an affiliate network you can expect:

* Competitive rate matches
* Progressive rates—as you gain more traffic from enhanced leads, we will increase offer rates
* Access to a multitude of campaigns, from incentivized offers to web placement
* A promised net-30 payment schedule

Campaigns in network:200+
Base commission:Varies
Commission type:CPA CPL CPS
Payment method:Check, PayPal
Payment threshold:$50.00
Payment frequency:Net 30, Net 15
Affiliate tracking software:100% Custom
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Lifetime Commissions:Yes
International acceptance:Yes
Website requirements:The Website must be out of construction and the final product.

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