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Aug 10, 2009

FXCASH Affiliate Marketing Network : is fresh on the Forex scene with a completely new innovative concept

How you Earn Cash

1. Revenue Programs

Trading allows you to earn cash from the traffic you send to various Forex Brokers (forex brokers are companies that offer trading platforms in which to exchange foreign currency).

Affiliates who promote our partners will have three options on how they will be compensated:

CPL- Cost per Lead

A CPL plan will have you earning a set amount simply when your client fills out the FREE registration form and then confirms their registration.

Cost per lead (CPL): Get $2-$5 for each and every client you send that completes the FREE registration form.

Revenue Share

By choosing revenue share, Affiliates can continually generate revenue from the traffic . This is potentially the most lucrative arrangement, as you earn a percentage of your traffic’s trades!

Revenue share: Earn up to 30% of the lifetime value of every client !


In order to satisfy our affiliate’s needs we try and offer the best possible deals for their particular situation. A hybrid deal is a combination of Revenue Share and CPA. Discuss with your account manager to see if a hybrid deal would work for you.

2. Traffic Optimization

At FXCASH, we know managing your traffic and funneling it through the proper channels can significantly increase your revenue. We optimize every single click you send to our merchants so that we can better understand the needs of the potential customers, which increases the chances of converting them into paying customers.

Your traffic is being monitored with the following methods:
Cross marketing activities

Once a lead enters the network, regardless of the product, he/she will be receiving direct offers from us, promoting the other products and services we offer. It is very likely that by gathering a lead through an eBook, this lead will convert into a trader who might also subscribe to a trading signal.
Geo Targeting

We know what types of merchants are more likely to convert in specific countries. Therefore we’ll not only display the ads in their language, but we’ll also display them to the right merchant, increasing the click through rate as well as the conversion rates.
Product synergies

Stand alone products do sell. However, by combining complementary products and services, the potential customers get a wider range of potential financial gains and are then more likely to convert into paying customers. This is what we call turning a hard sale into a soft sale!
Creative optimization

By running dozens of creatives across hundreds of websites, we’re able to aggregate network wide statistics on each and every creative, marketing message or landing page. Our statistician and behavioral staff constantly feed our creative department with feedback that will then help you increase your ratios and bottom line.

3.Product Choice

Products designed specifically for your traffic

Does your site attract individuals interested in learning about the Forex market? Maybe your traffic consists of active traders searching for a new broker or quality signals? The FXCASH Affiliate Program has it all, education, trading, signals and even e-books, your one stop Forex shop. We have assembled all these different products to be sure to meet the needs of your traffic, so that anyone visiting your site will find something of interest.


One of the most important first steps to becoming a successful Forex trader is getting the proper education and training. There are several Forex training sites that have vast amounts of educational and training material and FXCASH wants to help you convert these programs into profits. Whether you’re a professional trader or just starting out your Forex education never ends, so why should your earning potential?


By now we all know that becoming a Forex trader can lead to an endless amount of potential profit. But did you know that there is also endless profit potential in just promoting Forex trading? Millions are taking advantage of the Forex online trading markets as it continues to grow and develop. Online traffic is just sitting there waiting to be directed towards it. Why not be the person who does the directing and share in this lucrative industry!


Another great product in the Forex family are e-Books. They are popping up everywhere and Forex traders are devouring them. With the whole educational aspect being so heavily promoted in conjunction with being a successful Forex trader it’s no wonder e-Books are so popular with this community. But the best part about e-Books is how easy they are to promote.


Every Forex trader needs that extra edge. Signals are a great tool that help traders stay on top of the ever moving Forex market. There are several signal services that provide traders with daily tips, like when to buy/sell, stop-loss points, target levels and so much more. Signals have become priceless to today’s Forex trader and will soon be as invaluable to you.

4. Send us Traffic

Directing lots of traffic to FXCASH will only benefit your account and increase your profits. Here are a few suggestions on how you can send traffic to FXCASH and start earning:
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This popular form of Internet Marketing will optimize your sites visibility within the various search engines in order to generate more traffic. We will be happy to supply you with landing pages, keywords, market data or anything else you might need to run a SEM campaign.
Direct Marketing

This is one of the most productive ways to reach your existing and or potential customers. Direct Marketing is probably the most cost effective and accurate form of marketing. Send your customers emails, leaflets and newsletters informing them of all the great products and promotions FXCASH is offering and you will be sure to see results! Click here for more information about the FXCASH’s anti-spam policy.
Offline Marketing

We sometimes forget that Offline Marketing can be just as effective as Online marketing. Advertising in newspapers, magazines, Televsion and even radio can all be tracked simply by providing a unique code with the promotion. If you are interested in advertising offline, please contact your account manager to determine which type of campaign would work best for you.
Blogs and Forums

This is a simple and quick way to start earning from your traffic. Just incorporate FXCASH’s marketing material into your Blog or Forum and any traffic generated from this will be tracked back to you.

Have a friend with a website? Refer him to FXCASH and start earning a percentage of their profits, without any of the work.

Base commission:20%
Two-tier earnings:20%
Commission type:revenue share ,cpl
Payment method:check
Payment threshold:250
Payment frequency:monthly
Affiliate tracking software:directtrack
Cookie tracking:20
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Lifetime Commissions:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:Yes
International acceptance:Yes
Product datafeed:Yes

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