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Aug 18, 2009

Google's Gmail is the fastest-growing e-mail service on the planet

Google might have usurped the throne from Yahoo when it comes to search but there are two domains where Google hasn't really been able make a dent into Yahoo's fortunes so far. One is Yahoo's position as the world's most visited website and the second, its still is the largest e-mail provider. This might be surprising for many, but the fact remains that Yahoo still remains the world's most used free e-mail provider. In fact, Google isn't even in the second position here. Remember Hotmail? Anyone? Well, Hotmail/MSN still remains one of the most used free e-mail services at second place. Google's Gmail is at the third spot.

These figures are from a latest ComScore report. While Yahoo might be enjoying a comfortable lead, Gmail has the distinction of being the fastest growing free e-mail service with an impressive 46 percent growth over the past year. In comparison, Yahoo witnessed a growth of 22 percent, which in itself is a decent figure.

In terms of sheer numbers, Yahoo boasts of 106.2 million users followed by 47.1 million users. Gmail follows at the third spot with "just" 36.9 million users. The Good news for Gmail is that it has managed to pip an old player like AOL and is now up there amongst the top three.

While we have seen some changes in Yahoo, both visually and functionality wise, Gmail seems to be more aggressive here pushing forth new features regularly. If Yahoo wishes to continue its stranglehold here, it seems the service will need to become a lot more proactive, which sadly it isn't as of now.