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Aug 7, 2009

How to Build Online Embeddable Forms With Icebrrg Free!

Filling up forms is one of the widely done activities on the Internet. Be it for contact management, Registration forms, Surveys, Application Forms or Personal Inventories; forms are a must. However, in order to create effective forms and to store the data submitted using the forms, you need to be pretty good with the programming part of Form creation and submission. This problem can however be addressed by using services like Icebrrg and Wufoo. I wrote about Wufoo earlier in my post [Web Forms] Build Amazing Online Forms With Wufoo.

Icebrrg is a free to use, online service which lets you generate wide variety of embeddable forms for use online. With the free account you can get upto 3 forms with 10 fields. If you don’t own a website and would like Icebrrg to host it, that too is provided.

In order to get started, you need to first sign up for Icebrrg. Icebrrg offers paid services from as cheap as $9/month, Icebrrg also offers a free account ( with limitations). Once you have created your account, login and setup a form. Next, you can share your form. You can even create mechanisms for confirmations i.e. When someone completes your form, you can present them with a custom confirmation message, redirect them to any web page you choose, and even send them a custom email confirmation.With Icebrrg, you can even integrate your form with Online Payment systems and collect money for registrations, sales etc…

When it comes to data collection from form submission. Your form submissions can be emailed to any address you choose. Plus, you can view all of your entries through your account and even export your entries to Excel or another spreadsheet software.