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Aug 14, 2009

Hybryd Ads Affiliate Marketing Network is the new breed of performance based online marketing companies.


Hybryd Ads is the new breed of performance based online marketing companies. We specialize in direct and exclusive campaigns based on the most current and successful industry trends. We truly combine the best interests of our Advertisers with the high expectations of our Publishers.

The Hybryd network is compiled of hand picked professional publishers. These proficient experts have proven their abilities to market successfully for Advertisers. Our goal is to show our partners return on their marketing dollars. Hybryd is also heavily committed to showing what we like to call (ROR) Return On Relationship – focusing on exceeding every client’s expectations every time.

Our Publishers appreciate the fact that Hybryd listens to their needs. We understand that it’s Publishers that drive the online marketing world. That’s why we personalize our customer service with responsive and attentive Affiliate Managers.

For Affiliates

Publishers come to Hybryd Ads because they know we don’t just take every offer that comes across our desks. When an affiliate network throws everything against the wall to see what sticks, publishers find the low quality and low converting offers are a waste of their energy and more than likely a waste of their marketing dollars!

Hybryd Ads has a keen sense of ad offers that will convert – meaning things that consumers actually care about and are genuinely interested in pursuing.

Putting relevant ads on relevant websites in front of relevant consumers is a solid formula for success, and that’s the Hybryd Ads performance marketing methodology.

Campaigns in, Bosley Hair Restoration, Money4gold
Commission type:CPA, CPC, CPS
Payment method:Check, PayPal, Wire
Payment frequency:Monthly
Cookie tracking:30 day
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:Yes
International acceptance:Yes

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