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Aug 10, 2009

VistaGlazz : Free Desktop Enhancement Software : Download Desktop Customisation Software Free!

Since then World of Warcraft and Crysis are no longer the sole users of your videocard. The new Aero interface relies on your GPU for a new look with customizable colors and transparency.

Unfortunatly as in Windows XP, custom styles are not supported by the system. Programs like WindowBlinds offer a workaround but degrade performance.

VistaGlazz provides a solution.

Transparency stays when maximized

If your videocard is DirectX9 certified and Windows Aero is activated Patch Themeyou’ll notice the new transparency look. Normally in Windows Vista, the transparency only lasts until you maximize a window. VistaGlazz ensures transparency, even when your windows are maximized.

Custom visual styles

The new Desktop Windows Manager in Windows Vista only allows Patch system visual styles created by Microsoft. Creative minds on sites like DeviantArt create cursors, icons, wallpapers and themes. After using VistaGlazz you can now use custom styles as well.

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