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Dec 12, 2009

Easy Video Project Ideas - You Tube Tools

Wanna create your own video and need some inspiration? Here are some creative ideas that could work for anyone, gathered from and inspired by the YouTube community.

Very special thanks to those whose clips appear in this video. They are:

1. maddogza - "make YouTube your voice" -

2. GiR2007 - "take a camera into the kitchen" -

3. ArtieTSMITW - "make strange noises and faces" -

4. thecomputernerd01 - "interview your grandparents" -

5. jaaaaaaa - "pick up an instrument and play an original tune" -

6. Urgelt - "recite a spooky story" -

7. NeilCicierega - "put on a puppet show" -

8. kamapazzo - "create art in unlikely places" -

9. fallofautumndistro - "make a flipbook and animate it" -

Got a great project idea? Leave a comment on this video.

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Source: YouTube Channel