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Jul 16, 2009

AdFoundry Affiliate Network has Top tier and network exclusive advertisers - Real-time stats and reporting - Prompt payments


Since adheres to stringent guidelines – including comprehensive audits and random checks – being a publisher within the network immediately adds credibility to any firm. As a reward, publishers receive the following benefits:

* Top tier and network exclusive advertisers – fully understands that a network is only as good as its members. With this in mind, we are very selective when accepting advertising partners. With fresh campaigns and strategic matching, we provide optimized placements that make sense for our publishing partners.

* Real-time stats and reporting – By embracing the industry’s best tracking solution we have the ability to offer real-time stats as well as customized reporting solutions.

* Industry experience – With over a decade’s experience developing effective multimedia marketing campaigns, we have the experience necessary to help you succeed.

* Prompt payments

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