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Jul 16, 2009

AdFusionMedia Affiliate Network - AdFusionMedia brings advertisers and their target audiences together


AdFusionMedia Partner Programs:

* XMLFeeds:

AdFusionMedia is partnered with many of the leading search networks and ad agencies in the industry. We provide all our XML publishers with feeds of relevant and strong coverage advertiser listings. AdFusionMedia’s XML program and reporting interface offers accurate click reporting, competitive revenue share (50% and greater) and prompt net 45 payout terms.

* HotSpots:

An evolutionary, 2-click ad unit that combines eCPM optimized keywords with branded result pages. Choose from stock categories & themes, or create and upload your own. This ad unit is perfect for both standard IAB placements and custom sized, hard-to-monetize placements. Search Box is a direct link to the highest quality ad listings. A simple plug-and-play solution with light customization options. Configure, insert the provided code and prepare to earn

* 1-Click Contextual Banner:

A fully customizable, dynamic ad unit that delivers relevant ad listings in an engaging package. Easy to set-up, but even easier to earn money with, use 1-Click Contextual Banners to monetize standard IAB placements on any property you own.

* Category Boxes:

Publishers place one of our targeted category AFM boxes on your website, with links that are relevant to the content of your web sites.

*All Partner Programs are paid on a revenue share of 50% or greater, unless agreed upon differently. All payments for Partner Programs are net 45 payment terms. A minimum of $100 of earnings must be attained by the publisher in order for payment to be issued by

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