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Aug 13, 2009

GptMedia Affiliate Marketing Network Programs : performance-based affiliate network

About: GptMedia is a performance-based affiliate network, GptMedia are abbreviated words of Get Paid To ... Media. GptMedia is a young, spear headed multi-model media company creating new revelations in the Internet advertising space.

In a fast paced world and faster paced industry, we understand the need for expedient results and we are focusing on accomplishing to your complete satisfaction. Whether you are a publisher looking to monetize your traffic or an advertiser looking for more customers and an affiliate network to handle all the tracking and payments of your affiliate program, GptMedia will work with you to drive results and fulfill all your marketing needs. We also try our best to help connect publishers and advertisers in a mutually beneficial partnership-oriented online community that is overseen by industry leading experts.

GptMedia was designed to be as unique as you are - built with excellence first in mind. GptMedia has been organized to commercialize new technologies that make it possible to create and facilitate innovative monetization strategies that are customizable, scalable and automated across premium content websites. We provide incentive based affiliates with the tools and support to produce large commissions from our advertisers. With GptMedia, your traffic will generate the maximum amount of revenue possible. Our new system boasts an easy to use interface and, more importantly, 100% accuracy in tracking conversions.

For Affiliates/Publishers

Start your business with Gptmedia!

Our goal is to provide quality advertisements for our Publishers in order to help them gain their maximum ROI and to work with advertisers that have unique offers that are proven products on the market.

GptMedia provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers on the web and facilitates the publishers to keep track of their performance by providing online reporting. Also, GptMedia brings enormous scope for publishers to partner with hundreds of advertisers and access millions of ads. GptMedia has exclusive offers from advertisers which are not available with other publisher networks.

We also provide dedicated support staff to assist you in promoting our network of advertisers. We would like to give you the best support to help you do well with our services.

Be a part of the successful network, experience the seriousness of business and benefit from the following:

Payout - Highest and prompt payouts in the industry!

Payment Options - We pay our affiliates by PayPal, Check!

Payment Assurance - Payments are sent on NET 20 schedule for non-incentive and NET 30 schedule for incentive.

2Tiers - Refer friend, and earn more than 5% monthly profit from thier commission.

Real Time Tracking - By using the newest OMS Tracking technology, affiliates are able to get live tracking by post back or csv export system.

Targeted Campaigns - Help affiliates to select the most performance whatever their business are.

Campaigns in network:300+
Two-tier earnings:5%
Commission type:CPA
Payment method:Check, Paypal, Bank Wire
Payment threshold:$50
Payment frequency:Net 30
Affiliate tracking software:Postback Tracking
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Lifetime Commissions:Yes
International acceptance:Yes
Product datafeed:Yes

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