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Aug 13, 2009

Hooqy Affiliate Marketing Network : delivers high quality advertisers right to our publishers to earn money online.


Hooqy Media is a global leader in online media technology, focused on serving the needs of advertisers and website publishers. Our innovations in advertising and online media management have made us one of the largest display advertising networks in the world and our brand is widely recognized in the online media arena. Thousands of premium third-party websites make up our network, across which we deliver over 30 million advertisements every month to users all over the globe.

Our key differentiator is our superior technology. It serves as the foundation on which our rapid growth and success has been built. We became a major industry player in just over a year following our initial launch. We attribute our rapid growth to our superior technology, which enables us to deliver better performance to advertisers, higher revenues to publishers, and more personalized advertising to web users than any other network.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver personalized and quality advertisements without jeopardizing users' web experience. We believe our approach benefits not only web users, but also advertisers, through better targeted campaigns, and publishers, through higher advertising revenues.

We quickly become known as "the network that everybody loves," which deliver millions of targeted advertisements to users around the world every month, helping to build brands, fuel the web content industry, and improve the web experience for consumers.

For Affiliates

Hooqy delivers high quality advertisers right to our publishers to earn money online. Publishers have full editorial control over advertisements to be displayed on your websites. You have access to high revenue online advertisements; you can review every single ad placement. You can even support CPM, CPC, CPV and Sponsorship pricing with no additional technical implementation.

Hooqy Publisher Network helps publishers capitalize earning money opportunity on Internet by providing massive reach to direct marketers. By joining Hooqy Publisher Network, which is comprised of over 1,000 web publishers offering thousands of sites, you’ll gain access of high revenue online advertisements to support your campaigns. You can take advantage of the following benefits:

* High percentage profit share from Hooqy.

* Deliver advertisements that are relevant to your your website categories and contents.

* Segment your inventory to maximize your money earnings.

* Support for all IAB standard creative units.

* Access to higher value advertisers through branded networks through Hooqy Advertiser Marketplace.

* Access to intuitive, easy-to-use Hooqy Publisher Network tools, and in-depth reporting.

Campaigns in network:300
Base commission:70%
Two-tier earnings: 10% of referred advertisers' expenditure and 5% of referred publishers' earnings
Commission type:CPC, CPM, CPV
Payment method:Check, PayPal
Payment threshold:$50
Payment frequency:Net 30
Affiliate tracking software:inhouse
Cookie tracking:30
IP tracking:Yes
Realtime statistics:Yes
Lifetime Commissions:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:No
International acceptance:Yes
Product datafeed:Yes
Website requirements:Must have 40% US, UK, GE traffic

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