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Aug 22, 2009 Affiliate Marketing Network is a leader in providing top-rated credit card affiliate programs and financial services.

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The affiliate marketing network is a leader in providing top-rated credit card affiliate programs and financial services to online affiliate marketers. In working with advertisers to develop and test quality credit-related offers such as credit cards, pre-paid cards, auto-financing offers and personal loans, has created a marketplace filled with low risks and high rewards for the advertiser and affiliate marketer alike.

The staff knows the value of each and every relationship and makes it their daily mission to provide the best service possible. By providing a profitable environment for advertisers and affiliates, mutually rewarding marketing partnerships are formed. Since the launch of in 1998, our staff has developed and maintained solid, long-running credit card and financial programs that provide consistent and dependable performance for advertisers and affiliates. Our vast knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry has set apart as one of the best affiliate programs available today.

With the overabundance of online affiliate programs offering opportunities to make money from home or to start a home based business, understands the importance of providing each and every affiliate with an opportunity to be successful. Our staff is knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and will take the time to assist each affiliate in finding ways to best utilize the affiliate marketing strategies available.

For Affiliates

Top-performing credit cards and financial offers:
Our staff is focused on providing the highest converting and highest paying programs to our affiliate marketers. We pride ourselves on being able to identify and obtain the most popular and top-ranked credit card and financial offers for our network. We understand that all products and services are not compatible with our traffic. By thoroughly testing each program prior to launch, our affiliates can rest assured that we will not waste their time by having them promote programs that will not be successful for their online marketing efforts.

Get your commission checks faster: has one of the fastest commission payouts around. Commission checks are accurately and timely delivered to our affiliates on a monthly basis. Special payment methods are available such as electronic deposit to bank accounts for affiliates earning consistently high levels of commissions each month.

Advanced tracking and reporting tools:

Our technical team members have created a full suite of tools to track and report all of your marketing efforts. The key to being a successful affiliate is understanding which credit card offers and financial offers work best for you so that you can focus your marketing dollars and maximize your ROI. Affiliates use one id and one password to access the entire site. Affiliates use their id and up to two variables to track separate sites, campaigns, and expenditures.

Powerful creative and content:

In addition to the standard creative provided by our advertisers, our talented design team continually works to produce new creative and content for all of our programs. Keeping the look of an offer is crucial to the success of that program. maintains an aggressive schedule of redesigning web sites, banners and emails to give our affiliates the best click thru rates possible.

Online support and learning center:

Our compliance and support team constantly manages our offers and assists affiliates to ensure that only responsible marketing practices are used. We have created a comprehensive affiliate support section with FAQs, educational articles about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and a contact us form. Our staff puts countless hours into supporting the questions and needs of each of our affiliates.

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