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Aug 22, 2009

IdeaMama™ AdNetwork Affiliate Marketing Network : Earn Money Putting IdeaMama™ Ads on your Blog or Website.

About IdeaMama

IdeaMama Club, subsidiary of IdeaMama Group, is a unique network of innovators, entrepreneurs, experienced corporate executives, investors, artists, press, marketers and other representatives of global business and creative communities that came together to nurture your “baby” - result of your creative expression - idea, art, new product or new business model.

The club operates by unique rules. It introduces patent pending business method that allows the club‘s members around the globe to form unique ventures with previously unknown partners and obtain support from thousands of other international members who observe progress of businesses and products designed within IdeaMama Club.

This unique creative space was designed to assist independent and corporate inventors in turning their ideas into great accomplishments and to incubate inventions that can change lives; to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators and help them to connect with experts and build successful partnerships.

IdeaMama Club supports and facilitates innovations in various industries: biotechnology, commerce, education, energy, entertainment, environment, finance, health, information technology, materials, space, transportation, and others.

With the fundamental premise to offer a unique medium where entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and marketing professionals meet, IdeaMama Club offers web based solutions that assist in facilitating all aspects of product and business development, supporting and encouraging the healthy evolution of new products or innovative business concepts.

For affiliates:

We revolutionize the industry by providing a different kind of approach to reporting.

IdeaMamaAdNetwork advocate full transparency between affiliates and advertisers. We are committed to establishing long-lasting relationships with the industry’s top networks and affiliates. Today we work with over 300 networks delivering exclusive advertisers’ offers.

As an affiliate of IdeaMamaAdNetwork you’ll be exposed to pre-screened companies with attractive affiliate and referral programs.

What do we offer to networks and affiliate partners:

* Unique technology

The missing peace in traffic monetization is transparency between affiliates and advertisers. IdeaMamaAdNetwork has developed a solution and bridges the gap. With our technology, affiliates now don’t need to play a guessing game – they can see the status of each lead converted from their traffic driven to a merchant, because we enable pipeline management.

You don’t even have to have a website to participate in our program. Our partner programs are designed so that your leads can be delivered to them in any form — and from the moment your lead gets into our customer’s system you will receive detailed reports on the lead status. It will be solely up to you how you generate leads for your clients. You can drive traffic through your blog or publication, attract leads via telemarketing efforts, email campaigns, word of mouth, or any other way.

Are you interested in joining our network to connect with companies that pay $1,000-$10,000 per referral? No other network will ever offer the same.

* Reporting that has no equal

We not only offer access to account statistics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real time, but also predict our affiliates’ sales volume for the next month. Who else can brag about doing the same?

* Exclusives that have no equal

IdeaMamaAdNetwork owns strong, exclusive, offers in every vertical market and for every demographic. While many promise, we deliver… not only because we have strong direct relationships with advertisers, but because we conceive new ventures and develop new products in our open source virtual invention incubator Just tell us what idea you want to market and our members will jump right on the development of truly sexy products for you.

* Attractive margins

With IdeaMamaAdNetwork you will have plenty of room to run offers, because we generously share the profit with you.

* Ready-to-go creative packages

Each IdeaMamaAdNetwork offer is accompanied by creative that works. Only IdeaMamaAdNetwork can offer you complete creative development and support services. Our experienced team of design professionals create the concepts that optimize your exposure with immediate results, including landing pages, banners, search, email, contextual and text links, while utilizing all media as a marketing and business tool.

Base commission:40%
Two-tier earnings:2
Commission type:CPL, CPS, CPA, CPC, CPD
Payment method:PayPal
Payment threshold:none
Payment frequency:net15
Affiliate tracking software:DirectTrack and propriatary
Cookie tracking:180
Realtime statistics:Yes
Co-Branded / White Label:Yes
International acceptance:Yes

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